In their charming showroom „Die Sellerie“ at Spittelberg in Vienna, the designers Patrick Bauer and Georg Leditzky curate and develop with great attention to detail a timeless and unique collection of selected home accessories, paper goods, ceramics and fine art prints from European manufacturers.

Some residential and fashion accessories of this shop in Spiegelgasse 13 reflect centuries-old traditions of solid craftsmanship. In a world of high technology, it becomes quite pleasant to be confronted with age-related quality demands.

Cashmere & Silk

Only a stonethrow away from The Guesthouse Vienna you'll find an amazing selection of international brands like Alberta Ferreti, Colombo, Ereda, Les Copains, Lorena Antoniazzi, Peserico, Tsumori Chisato, Santoni or Henry Beguelin and many more.
Significant style, comfort and quality are the strenghts of the above mentioned brands, which are represented in at Cashmere & Silk. This boutique is the numer 1 address for modern Ladies with a sense for style. Individual advice for the client is one of the most imortant things for the shop owner. Here, clients are seen as friends.

The jeweler of the emperors has been an ambassador of love for more than 200 years, because there is hardly a better "language of love" than individual handmade jewellery with fine gemstones. As early as 1849, Jacob H. Köchert became the personal jeweler of Emperor Franz Joseph as K. and K. Kammerjuwelier. Sisis famous diamant stars come from the studio of the Köchert company, which is still located on the first floor of the company building on Neuer Markt. Today, as at that time, the customer is an emperor at Köchert.

This shop on Kärtner Straße 30 is a true survivor! Back in 1931, when the Columbia Graphophone Company and the Gramophone Company merged and founded EMI (Electric and Musical Industries), this place became a meeting point for music enthusiasts all over the world.

The years went by and EMI - the music store has seen a lot of change in the music business: new labels and fusions, from the audio tape to CD and furthermore the rise of download and streaming as well as - fortunately the comeback of the vinyl.

Finally - in 2018 EMI went back to its roots and is again known as a specialist in high-end electrical equipment. The store is a welcoming place for lovers of culture and music. Inspiring, pathbreaking and much valued because of the great and personal service.

The Viennese Porcelain Manufactory was founded in 1718 and is the second oldest manufactory in Europe. As it was in the past, the “white gold” from Vienna has been lovingly moulded and shaped, glazed and painted by hand, by people who are experts in their respective crafts and thus ensure that each and every single item is unique.